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The nursing profession today has become the most challenging, exciting and in-demand profession in the healthcare sector. It now needs professionals who are highly qualified, equipped to handle any kind of emergency situation and put the patient’s life first. The work environment is tough, as at times nurses are required to keep their cool and act spontaneously according to the situation, in order to help the patient / save the patient’s life. Even though the physicians/doctors help in curing the illness, it is the ever smiling nurse practitioners who care and tend to the patients and bring them back to the best of their health.

Education & Certification

To be an exceptional healthcare nursing professional, a simple master’s degree in nursing is not sufficient. Adequate training and hands on experience is the need of the hour. After acquiring the Master’s degree, the nurse practitioner becomes an advanced registered certified nurse practitioner, by undergoing the requisite clinical training and specialized education. An advanced practiced registered nurse practitioner (APRN) is qualified to perform a higher role with higher levels of responsibility, care and tasks. They undergo specialization in any one of the many fields such as Paediatrics, Psychiatrics, internal medicine, adult geriatrics, family health care etc.

Nursing schools – Do they teach all?

Learning from certified nurse practitioners and the nursing school; the basics of health care, the roles and responsibilities of a nurse and being in the midst of a medical situation are completely different. Sometimes, nurses are completely taken aback in the initial days of service. There are situations which need to be experienced and are not taught in school. Here’s a list of things that a nurse may never learn in school.


  • Touching people’s life-this is such an amazing profession that one easily underestimates the extent to which nurses touch the lives of patients and how it actually feels to do so. A nurse practitioner is a blessed soul, who is a witness to the beginning and the end of life.

  • Compassion becomes an integral part–No lecture can prepare nurses for the immense change that occurs when they tend to the sick or hold a dying person’s hand or even cry with sick patient’s family. Compassion becomes a truly integral part to the nurse practitioner.

  • Mastering the art of being patient- A nurse becomes patience personified for the sake of the patients’ and their family members. A pile of work may be staring at the nurse practitioners. But for the sake of the patient, they hear out the concerns of the family members, console them and make them feel much better.

  • There is nothing called as personal time – Health care sector can be so demanding that sometimes nurse practitioners do not have time to eat or even drink a glass of water. This is a reality and they have master time management.

  • Learning to multitask – Though not taught at school, this is one skill that every nurse practitioner has to learn, sooner or later.

  • Learning to deal with doctors – Every doctor is a different personality. Nurse practitioners come across many physicians and doctors during the work schedule. They have to learn to communicate effectively and efficiently with the doctors and also learn to deal with sometimes uncooperative doctors.

  • Treatment management – Hands on experience of dealing with various cases makes practitioner well versed with the treatment care to be prescribed.

  • Team work – Nursing schools do not teach how important it is to work as team along with co – workers. It is only through experience and helping out each other, does the benefits of camaraderie and team work, visible.

In the end, a genuine interest to work in healthcare and the love to help the sick bounce back to the best of health make nursing an exciting and humble profession.

Certified Paediatric Nursing Courses – A boon to your Career Prospects!


This field of medicine and healthcare is one of the most challenging and yet promising fields for the career that you can choose for yourself. Becoming a nurse is not just a potential field for a bright career but also a good choice from the perspective of humanity. However, nursing courses are not easy to pursue and paediatric nurse practitioner certification is perhaps the toughest branch of this particular career that you can pursue. However, paediatric nurses or child nurses are highly demanded by the various institutions and hence it can become a very promising choice of your career indeed.

Why opt for becoming a child nurse?

Though a tough choice when you compare this with other branches of nursing, the work pleasure and satisfaction is much more. The child nurses can closely observe the children and always be in the company of children. This, in turn, gives a healthy boost to work enthusiastically to those who are in this particular professional field. The job of a paediatric nurse is a blessing where you can enjoy the company of kids while you work. Also aiding in the procedure of curing a child has its own job satisfaction that no other professional field can impart.

Becoming a pediatric nurse

There are many nursing schools which offer the course that help you to gain the paediatric nurse practitioner certification. However when you pursue your course and graduate from some of the top schools, only then will you be considered for a post with reputed institutes. One should ensure that they get the degree from an accredited school so that they do not have to face any kind of unnecessary hassle with their work. To become a paediatric nurse, the practitioner should be a registered nurse with a master degree in that particular field. Depending on the state to which you belong you may as well need a licence to become a certified practitioner of the profession.

Online courses

These days becoming a nurse practitioner has become quite easy since one has access to accredited courses online as well. If you do not have the means to go for regular classes to the university or the college, then you can pursue the same course online from the website of the college. The courses for becoming a paediatric nurse should be chosen with much deliberation to ensure that they are suitable for practising at any part of the country. If you move from a place to another, the degree that you hold should not lose its importance. This is quite probable depending on the medical regulations of the place from where you have pursued the degree and the place where you are practicing actually.

  Factors to be noted

When you opt for such courses, do some background research and ensure that the course you choose to pursue is actually authentic. A number of nursing schools are coming up these days and hence, the competition to establish them is high. However, the accredited schools are limited in numbers. Usually, there are several steps to finally becoming a certified nurse and hence any school promising a shortcut is either bluffing or offering a diploma or short term course which may not be what you are looking for. Lastly, the cost of the entire course is a big factor to be noted. There are several scholarships specially meant for nursing students which you can apply for and to make the most out of such scholarships, you should be vigilant and stay updated with the latest news related to this field.

Life of a Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

All of us have heard about nurses, who cater to the different requirements of different kinds of patients, they include hospital nurses, house nurse, etc. However, family psychiatric nurse practitioner is a special kind of job.

criticalcarenursingThere are a number of psychiatric nurse practitioner programs to train these professionals and make them fit for the job. It is a very crucial job that takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Basically a family psychiatric nurse practitioner is supposed to deal with special kind patients so they have to be very efficient and feel the work they are doing and feel for the patients. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner specifically handles patients with mental illness and thus they need to be very careful while working.

Jobs of a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner:

These days a number of psychiatric nurse practitioner programs available, that specifically coaches these professionals for a particular set of jobs and make them appropriate for the function.There are some specific jobs of a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner which includes:

  •  Medication management: This is a very essential job of such a nurse practitioner. These patients with mental illness take a number of medicines for their mental as well as physical well-being. Hence these nurse practitioners need to have a basic idea about medicines and be able to manage them judiciously on behalf of their patient.
  • Assessing mental health: Assessing the mental health of the patient is the first job that a Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is supposed to do. This is done to ensure the mental well-being of their patient and also to judge the severity of their condition.
  • Prescribing medicines: In most states a family psychiatric nurse practitioner can prescribe medicines to their patients and this is accepted legally. For this the practitioner is supposed to have a detailed idea about medicine which these psychiatric nurse practitioner programs help them in acquiring.
  • Counseling patients: the counseling of such patients is a very meticulous job and needs a lot of practice and patience.

Qualities of a psychiatric nurse practitioner:

A psychiatric nurse practitioner who deals with these special category of mentally ill patients are expected to have a number of qualities, they are:

  • They should be patient when dealing with the patients.
  • Their dedication should show in their work.
  • They should spare enough time for each patient to understand their well-being and health better.
  • They are supposed to be mentally sound themselves so as to be able to give the best solutions to the patients.
  • Soft Spoken and kindness are other two qualities of these practitioners.

These psychiatric practitioners should be approved by the government of the state and their methods of treatment should be the standard ones. They should treat the patients with utmost care to be able to be a part of their lives and cure them accordingly. Until and unless you can feel the inner self of these patients, treating them becomes a tedious job. So these psychiatric nurse practitioners work day and night to cure the patients and bring them back to normal life.

Standard courses are offered in different states to ensure the maximum efficiency of these practitioners and the courses are charged individually depending on the content and the time-span for which they are undertaken. Barkley and associates are a leading group of professionals who provide the best education to these family psychiatric nurse practitioners and make them suitable for their job. It provides simply the best education in a limited period of time to professionals all around the world online and in different venues.

Necessity of pediatric nurse practitioner programs

Nurses are an important part of a patient’s life. They take care of patients all the time and also look after their needs.In today’s life nurses have a lot to offer along with doctors like giving injections, medicines at the appropriate time and to get the patient healthier and fitter. Nurse in another sense is next to a doctor. Doctor’s just take a look at a patient and again meet him at the operation theater, whereas a nurse has to look after the patient all the time. A nurse in a bookish way can be defined as a person who is trained to give care to people who are sick or injured.

Nurses are a group of skilled people who hold a certificate ofNursery. Nursery is the profession of nurses. Some nurses undergo training to assist doctors during surgery, some for treatment of injuries, etc. Some nurses even take training to understand people’s health issues.

Nursing the profession of nurse was started in early 19th century by Florence Nightingale for treatment of people during the Crimean crisis. During the First World War and the Second World War Nazis had a strong group of 40,000 nurses. Not just the modern period, nursing dates back to the medieval and the early ages also. Religious people from Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism namely nuns, monks used to take part actively in helping activities which were similar to the nursing started by Nightingale.

By the 20th century Nightingale style of nursing was overthrown by hospital based nursing. Hospital based nursing needs a good pediatric nurse practitioner program which you could get from a professional nursing institution.

A Nurse plays role of caregiver for the patients as they require good care and support and a nurse can provide that. This can also help in reducing the illness of patients more quickly. Nurses are also good decision makers, sometimes, in the absence of a doctor’s they take vital decisions which benefits the patient. They take the decisions that are best suited for the patients. Communication between a patient and a doctor is important. Occasionally, patients hesitate to express their problems in front of a doctor, Nurse could act as a negotiator between a patient and doctor so that the problem of patient would be presented to the doctor. This communication could also speedup the soothing process. Nurse as a teacher protects the right of a patient and also teach anything that they have difficulty in understanding the procedures of hospitality. Nurse also acts as the patient’s advocate by shielding the privileges of patients and it’s also the nurse’s duty to determine the need of patient.

Travel nursing is done because of shortage of nurses. Nurses from other hospitals, travel to other regions and work there for months together and they come back and this type of nursing can be seen in many countries.

Pursuing nursing is not that easy, you need pediatric nurse practitioner programs so that you could get knowledge about nursing. Barkley & Associates provide you with pediatric nurse practitioner programs which helps you to become a successful nurse. They are dedicated to provide best facilities for their students.

Barkley & Associates is an American educational services institution prepares you for an initial certification exam or returning for a comprehensive update of the latest practice guidelines and trends, their Barkley & Associates is an educational institution dedicated to provide best nurse practitioner courses, their need pediatric nurse practitioner programs are ideal. They offer 94 plus live courses in 36 venues in 2016.Students undergo various specialization of nursing like Family nurse, Pediatric nurse, Women health nurse etc. in this institution. An online test is also conducted to test the skills of the students.

In order to contact Barkley and Associates, go to 8235 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 201, West Hollywood, CA. 90046.

Do You Know The Meaning of Nurse Practitioner?

Along the lines of Wikipedia, Nurse Practitioners or NPs are advanced practice registered nurses (APRN) who are educated and trained to provide health promotion and maintenance through the diagnosis and treatment of acute illness and chronic condition. International Council of Nurses further define Nurse Practitioners as  “…a registered nurse who has acquired the expert knowledge base, complex decision-making skills and clinical competencies for expanded practice, the characteristics of which are shaped by the context and/or country in which s/he is credentialed to practice. A master’s degree is recommended for entry level…”

Conventionally, Nurse practitioners manage both acute and chronic medical conditions (both mental and physical) through history, physical exams and ordering of diagnostic tests and medical treatments. NPs are sufficiently qualified to diagnose medical problems, order treatments, perform advanced procedures, prescribe medications and make referrals for a wide range of acute and chronic medical conditions within their scope of practice. Beside building upon and expanding their nursing knowledge and skills, NPs also learn medicine and use medical diagnosis and medical treatments in their practice.

In the US, NPs may or may not be required to practice under supervision of a physician, depending upon the state of their work. Many states are eliminating ‘collaborative practice’ agreements currently, in light of the shortage of primary care/ internal medicine physicians, thus NPs are able to function independently. In the segment of primary care/ internal medicine, NPs fulfill a vital need for patient healthcare services, and NPs work with pharmacists, physicians, medical/ surgical specialists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, social workers and other healthcare professionals to provide the patients with best outcomes.

At times, NPs serve as patients’ primary healthcare provider and they may treat patients of all ages depending upon their specialty. With proportionate education and experience, NPs may specialize in areas like dermatology, cardiology, pain management, oncology, orthopedics, surgical services, women’s health and other specialties. Core philosophy of NP’s role is individualized care that focuses on a patient’s medical issues as well as the effects of illness on the life of a patient and his or her family, which is similar to all other healthcare professionals. Nurse Practitioners have different classifications based on the type of their work specialties:

  • Adult Nurse Practitioner (ANP)
  • Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP)
  • Gerontological Nurse Practitioner (GNP)
  • Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)
  • Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP)
  • Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (NNP)
  • Psychiatric- Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP)
  • Adult Gerontology Primary Nurse Care Practitioner (AGPCNP)

Our Offerings

We at Barkley and Associates have pledged towards providing and training new generations in this extremely vital field of healthcare. As stated earlier, acute shortage of physicians have led to ever growing importance of qualified Nurse Practitioners for primary healthcare. And as trends suggest, many more fields of expertise will be added gradually to the courses of Nurse Practitioners.

Recognized by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, we have developed our courses and training package in a most informative way as possible. We offer courses in FNP, AGPCNP, PNP, AGACNP, PMHNP and WHNP, and are trained by some of best faculties of the same fields. We have devised a foolproof technique for better knowledge and performance of our students by providing some extra course benefits in addition to our regular lectures, classes and dedicated library service at our institute like:

  • Online NP Certificate Practice Exams and Reports
  • 45 hour Advanced Pharmacology Course
  • Home study audio CD packages
  • 24/7 Online Advanced Pharmacology Updates

As the rules of the American Association of nurse practitioners suggest, one has to

  • Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing
  • Become a Registered Nurse
  • Complete a Graduate Degree in Nursing
  • Obtain Advanced Practice Nursing Licensure, and
  • Specialize Through Certification

We provide our courses in accordance with these guidelines. So if you desire to be a part of this elite segment, be sure to visit us any moment.

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